5 Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Ads

What are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

In this blog, we will discuss the Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation ads. It allows users to stay on the platform while completing and submitting your lead form. You can create a form that collects a lead’s name, email address or phone number that they can complete exactly where they come across your ad- whether in the Facebook news, feed, articles, messenger, stories, and more. Users are not ever sent to an external landing page- they are never redirected anywhere. This is key to boosting conversion offering a seamless user experience avoiding the friction of longer click-through, for the lead, and leaving a positive impression on a lead.

 5 Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

  • Native Functionality

With lead users, you can submit their information through an auto-fill form without ever leaving the platform. You avoid disrupting the UX by, keeping your lead on Facebook instead of switching from a platform to a website and back again.

  • Collect Leads From All Devices

With Facebook Lead Generation ads you can reach people on any device and grow Email Subscription, Registrations, Orders, and much more

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Facebook lead ads are particularly beneficial for mobile. The app is already set up for mobile users so you can rest assured that your ad will be too. That means no matter which device your leads view your ads, they will be able to complete your form without any issue.

  • Simple Data Collection

Leads are also beneficial for the advertiser because they capture potential customer’s information without having to create a new landing page for the conversion path. Everything, you need to obtain a new lead is in the platform and that data can easily integrate with your CRM.

  • Highly Targeted Segments

Facebook lead ads, allow for highly targeted segmentation like interest, demographics, and more. This means that the lead you are acquired from a Facebook ad is already highly qualified for the product or service.

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