Digital Marketing Institute in Tughlakabad


Digital Marketing Institute in Tughlakabad

Devweboic Digital Marketing Institute is a renowned institute of digital marketing training courses located in Tughlakabad New Delhi and Allahabad Prayagraj. DDMI offers a digital marketing course in Tughlakabad Delhi with advanced digital marketing modules. Digital Marketing means to market any product or service through the internet using digital devices. This course is for those students, professionals who want to make their career in the digital marketing industry. Generally, digital marketing is a format of online promotion which includes the promotion of any company maximizing organic visibility in the search engines or paid ads on social websites, video websites, and search engines.  Thera re multiple channels of digital marketing to learn for any students – PPC advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and so on.



This is a comprehensive course that is divided into 20+ modules. It offers the best digital marketing training and covers all modules practical sessions. We provide live project training for all modules on our client’s project since we are the best digital marketing company in India. We are running our branches in Delhi and Allahabad. DDMI is the leading digital marketing institute in Allahabad also.

The requirement to Start Career in Digital Marketing

  1. You must be familiar with fundamental knowledge of Computer
  2. Interest in web browsing
  3. Skill to write content for any topic
  4. Some marketing ideas

What are Our Modules in Digital Marketing Course:

Overview of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing overview gives you knowledge of the origin of digital marketing its channels and how to implement each element of digital marketing for your business promotion.

Search Engine Optimization:

In this module, students learn about techniques of search engine optimization, implement On-Page and do activities of Off-page optimization.

Key terms:

  • Basics of Search Engines
  • What is SEO?
  • How to Plan a Search Engine Friendly Website?
  • Planning Site Structure
  • The Theory Behind the Long Tail Search
  • Importance of Keywords for Your Website
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Mastering Backlinks
  • Internal Ranking Factors
  • Very Common SEO Mistakes
  • External Ranking Factors

o   Planning Website to upload before the server

o   Planning Off-Page Optimization

  • Sitemap
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Analytics Tips

o   User Management

o   Deploying and Troubleshooting

o   Audience Reporting

o   Advanced Segments

o   Advanced Filters

o   Google Analytics Universal Update

o   Custom Reports

o   Custom Data Import

  • Role of .htaccess file
  • Use of robot.txt file in SEO

Social media Optimization:

Social Media Optimization: Text, Photos, and Videos

  • Monitoring Your Social Identity
  • Posting Strategies
  • Becoming an Enlightened Social Media User
  • Social Media Growth
  • What Is Social Media?

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

  • Facebook Advertising Overview
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Additional Advertising Options
  • Managing Existing Ads
  • Viewing Advertising Data
  • Implementing Best Practices

Twitter for Business

  • Using Twitter for Business
  • Smart Twitter Account Setup for Business
  • Tweeting Strategically
  • Creating Engagement Opportunities
  • Creating a Rich Twitter Experience
  • Managing Your Twitter Activity
  • Integrating Twitter with Other Online Marketing

LinkedIn for Business:

  • Developing Your LinkedIn Business Strategy
  • Finding Your Audience
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Creating a Dynamic Company Page
  • Content Marketing with Your Company Page
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn


  • Using Google+ Pages for Business
  • Getting Started
  • Adding and Customizing Your Information
  • Google+ Pages Management and Awareness Building
  • Optimizing Your Google+ Pages for Google+
  • Tips and Tricks for Marketing with Google+ Pages
  • Measuring Your Google+ Page Success
  • Troubleshooting

Blogging Strategies:

      • Blogging Overview
      • Setting up a Blog
      • Blog Posting
      • Blog Marketing
      • Making Money with Your Blog
  1. Pinterest
      • Pinterest Basics
      • Marketing with Pinterest
  1. YouTube
      • Optimizing Your Channel
      • Optimizing Your Videos
      • Uploading Your Videos
  1. Email Marketing and Its Basics
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Building an Email List
  • Designing an Effective Marketing Email
  • Making Your Email Content Valuable
  • Creating Effective “From” Addresses and Subject Lines
  • Combining Email with Social Media and Mobile Devices
  • Maximizing Your Email Campaign Results
  • Using Newsletter and Emailers
  1. Mobile Marketing & Fundamentals
  • Understanding Mobile Marketing
  • Establishing Your Mobile Foundation
  • Mobilize Your Web Presence
  • Launching an SMS Campaign
  • Managing Mobile Advertising and Commerce Initiatives
  1. Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals
  • Understanding Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Getting to Know Google Ads
  • Know About Landing Page
  • Getting Started
  • Creating your account
  • Researching Keywords
  • Creating Your First Search Campaign
  • Creating Your First Ad Group
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Tracking Ad Performance
  • Optimizing for Performance
  • Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns
  • Leveraging Video Advertising
  1. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) for
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn
  • Bing
  1. Up and Running with Google AdSense
  • Understanding Google AdSense
  • Getting Started with AdSense
  • Configuring Your First Ad
  • Using Advanced Ad-Placement Strategies
  • Allowing and Blocking Ads
  • Using Performance Reports
  • Advanced Administration

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