Highest Paying Digital marketing Jobs in India


 In a digitally running world, everybody is looking for Highest paying jobs in India, and it is questionable to run a business without the help of Digital marketing services and thus enhancing the scope of digital marketing jobs all over the world. Every business needs Digital Marketing Services to promote its brand and evolve its business.


There are incredible career opportunities available in the field of Digital marketing. If you are aspiring to become a Digital marketer or seeking jobs in the field of digital marketing in India then just go for it. Salary is not the only factor, other factors like career growth, job security, make it a great option for your career.


Before we get into the topic of the highest-paid digital marketing in India, let us see an overview of Digital Marketing in a nutshell.


Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is basically the marketing of products and services and establishing a firm business recognition and promoting the business online. It helps in developing new services and products, entering new markets, processes that keep the engagement of clients & attract new clients at the same time.


Now that the Indian government has started to keep its interest in digital marketing, many startups are getting benefitted. Here is a list of India’s highest-paid Digital Marketing jobs:


• Digital Media Managers

• Pay-Per-Click Managers

• SEO Specialist

• Brand Marketing Expert

• Social Media Marketer

• Marketing Analyst

• Visual Designers




#1. Digital Media Managers

Digital Media Managers are accountable for determining the brand’s digital strategy. But their main role is to formulate multi-channel campaigns to create brand awareness and successfully promote the brand, product, or service. At first, the business is assessed by them in terms of its own, earned and paid media vitalities. Then considerable channels like Google display ads, pay-per-click ads, blogs, online reviews, social media presence, etc, are adopted by them. With the help of these channels, extraordinary possibilities and probabilities are brought to the table like client preference, brand awareness, and establishes a sense of trust among the clients.


#2. Pay-Per-Click Managers

Their main role is to enhance PPC campaigns by utilizing budgeting, selecting relevant keywords, adopting extensive search strategies, etc. The PPC Managers are required to take charge of handling various types of ads like Bing ads, Google Display, and other paid search engine advertisements. Their goal is to execute proper PPC strategies for their clients and assist them in taking initiatives that will be profitable for achieving the goals of their customers. Annual Salary : Rs 10,48,883


#3. SEO Specialist

SEO/SEM specialist is given the duty to assure that when the targeted audience search for a particular service or product online they must see the website that was on their responsibility to appear at the top of the results. Also, they are expected to look after and manage online campaigns and update the website regularly.


#4. Brand Marketing Expert

Building a brand digitally has become important with the thriving online presence of clients and businesses, people are investing more time and money in promoting their brand on various digital platforms. The job of Brand Marketers is to utilize their expertise skills to trigger and influence the audience to make a purchase.



#5. Social Media Marketer

In simple words it is handling social media handles professionals for certain business or service use. It’s not possible for businesses to handle business & promote themselves on social sites at the same time and thus Social Media Marketers are very beneficial in that case, who promote brand awareness, persist the engagement and satisfaction of the already existing customers, attract new customers in various social sites. Annual Salary : 3,42,814


#6. Marketing Analyst

The role of Marketing Analysts is to utilize analytics tools and other marketing metrics to achieve the success of paid and organic campaigns. Their main job is to design and supervise in-market examinations, generating strategies for tracking data, organize data from various resources like web analytics, social media, paid media, specifying prospects for marketing optimizations, and give suggestions accordingly.

#7.Visual Designers

There is a crucial role of visual designers for alluring clients. They are responsible for establishing brand experience among several clients, implementing designs on projects. They design materials like email banners, landing pages, reports, presentations, ad creatives, etc. They are skilled and experienced with Adobe products and have basic knowledge of web development.



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