Various Objectives of Facebook Ads


What are Facebook Ads?


Facebook ads are a wonderful tool to display your message in front of 2.5 billion monthly users. Since this is a broader platform because 7,000,000 advertisers are attracted to it. Facebook ads nowadays are served in innumerable varieties to promote the page, post, actions, or even websites.

Now though, advertisers are facing a greater number of choices to create campaigns which leads to a huge amount of confusion because it becomes very difficult to select the right campaign objective to be used. Before creating an ad, firstly consider your business goals, what do you want to achieve. What is the response you require from your users after watching your ad?

Facebook has Prescribed Three Categories Which Include All Ads Objectives.

1. Awareness

Helps to create interest in the brand, service, or business you want to promote online. It informs people about the importance of the product you are selling. It simply displays the information about the product and the offers given by the business.

2. Consideration

This is the step a bit further than awareness, which provides additional avenues to provide more information with the help of podcasts, video channels, apps. It provides confirmed engagement of the users.

3. Conversion

Now the client has finally reached the website or a platform to attain complete information about the product and finally, the user gets encouraged to purchase, register, or download a product or a service.

Grab the Viewer’s Attention With the Objective of Awareness

Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a very straightforward approach, in which a product is introduced to new users with the help of a snapshot. Complete information about the product is provided to an audience to engage them instead of selling a product now. Clean presentations are prepared to provide a positive impression of your product with the help of Facebook advertising as a recall lift.


Try reaching as many audiences as reach approaches a broader audience your awareness campaign is successful. Facebook advertising notice its reach campaign by the number of visits by the users or the number of people who are receiving the ad.

Gather the Crowd with Consideration Objective


Increase dense audience to visit your business website, blog post, app page, and even URL link on Facebook. It helps to provide direction to the potential audience to follow page by page for the business. With the help of this approach, clients can request more information for better insight.


Valuable users come in interaction with Facebook ads by providing likes, reactions, shares, comments, etc. A better vision is provided to the business and better interest in the business is created.

App Installations

As a greater number of people install your app, a greater number of customers will use your app more frequently on mobiles. Therefore, a dense crowd is generated around the app.

Video Views

Videos are shared with the help of Facebook for your business and its services and products. It is a very easily accessible method to publicize your brand because being more appealing and requires less effort by the customer to learn about the brand.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation services play an important role in digital marketing and it is absolutely important to know how to generate quality leads. when interested users get engaged with your website, they quickly fill out the information, right within the ad using the auto-fill form. It is a very easy and quick approach to receive numerous leads within a very short amount of time.


WhatsApp or Facebook messengers redirect audiences to a messaging platform so that direct communication can be established with the client.

Get your Valuable Audience Registered by Signing Up for the Desired Product with the Help of the Conversion Objective


Now the users are ready to purchase the products and business gets established on all platforms to increase sales. This campaign includes landing page views, link clicks, and value.

Product Catalog Sales

To encourage the sales catalog is represented to display the entire range of products available online.

Store Visits

This campaign promotes the physical location of your business. It ensures the increase of foot traffic into the store.

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