5 Methods to Use Linkedin B2B Lead Generation

Linkedin B2B Lead Generation

Linkedin B2B Lead Generation is getting popular these days many digital marketers or business people trust that LinkedIn is a totally social media platform for B2B marketing, where you can get lots of leads organically for your business as well as different services such as digital marketing services. However, getting leads from LinkedIn is not as easier also as straightforward as you are thinking about this platform. Many social media executives think that filling the bio in your company page and connecting with lots of people and sending them out a few invitations to follow your business page can’t be enough for the magic (lead generation) to happen. You will have to be hanging there on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the topmost social media platform of professionals where 90% of the connections are dedicated to connecting with the world’s professionals from various industries. If you really want to get qualified b2b leads from LinkedIn, you need to put post, information related to your work, case studies of your previous works; make a consistent time to post in your page or profile. If you are posting on the LinkedIn Business page then share that post in your profile to reach all your connections. In this blog, you will find some ways and proven strategies to be implemented for getting B2B leads and Lead generation strategy.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Platform

Here are some benefits explained using LinkedIn for Lead generation

Decision-Makers Presence –

All Senior Employees are Available on LinkedIn. It is the most-used professional social media platform where all senior-level CEO, CTO, Directors, Managers, influencers, decision-makers, and employees are available, which clearly decides that your target audience is most likely available on LinkedIn already that’s why LinkedIn marketing is considered as one of the premium social media marketing services.

The Place for Professionals

To be updated with the current scenario in their own industry, the maximum number of LinkedIn users use the Linkedin B2B Lead Generation platform. They get information about what is going on in their business, network, and industry. If your profile or company page is offering a solution tailored to their requirements on the same platform then your announcement can get more attraction on LinkedIn. It is probably the best place where you can get the attraction of the highest decision-makers so get attention and also you should probably work on online reputation management of your company as well since LinkedIn is a highly professional platform so maintaining company’s reputation is critical

Active Users on LinkedIn

As per the recent survey, over 700 million are total users on LinkedIn where around 50% of users are active in a month on LinkedIn. So it is clear that almost half of the LinkedIn users are active every month on LinkedIn. Half of the users give you a great opportunity to connect them and engage with them regularly. You announce your main skills and start solving their problems then see the magic of LinkedIn organic lead generation.

Paid Ads for B2B Targeting Audience

Paid Ads on LinkedIn allow you to get in touch with narrowly targeted audiences, apart from PPC management services LinkedIn advertising platform is somehow better than other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram when we talk to reach genuine decision-makers for business proposals. LinkedIn Ads allow you to target users by their job title or current employer, interest, behavior, etc, there are many objectives in the LinkedIn platform also to interact with the audience on LinkedIn. You can create Lead Generation Ads, Reach Ads, Engagement Ads, Traffic Ads, Sale Ads, Conversion Ads, and Shopping Ads, etc. The major types of objectives in LinkedIn are the same as Facebook, which is categorized in Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

What is a Various Lead Generation Strategy?

We covered that why should you choose LinkedIn as a B2B lead generation activity and how it provides faster results than SEO services. Now you will get to know about the various lead generation activities and strategies in LinkedIn.

Use Company Business Page for B2B leads

Do not keep your LinkedIn business page to just show the occasional posts and simply display business on LinkedIn. If you really want to use LinkedIn B2B leads Generation through LinkedIn then inspire people with appealing posts on Your LinkedIn business page. Engage your followers with informative posts related to their requirements and problems. You must display and post what services you can offer to your audience, how your company can help them to solve their problems. Make sure about your LinkedIn business page that your posts clearly show to visitors an offer while entering your page. The cover image of your page is the first thing your visitors like to see and give attention to. Being an experienced social media marketing company it becomes the responsibility of the agency to create an attractive cover image to grab audience attention.

LinkedIn Groups Uses

LinkedIn Group is most helpful to connect with people where your post gets noticed and you get leads also. LinkedIn leads are totally based on the quality of your network. What people you are engaging? Either they need your offering or not?

You should create new groups also in Linkedin, In addition to joining LinkedIn groups. Add relevant LinkedIn connections there and always try to post such things in the group which are trustworthy posts, valuable posts, and knowledgeful posts where your network can start discussing.

Build Quality Connection in LinkedIn:

  Are you connecting all in your LinkedIn network? You are doing wrong! Yes, having plenty of Linkedin connections is so much important as quality connections are important. Before making your connection on LinkedIn you need to understand and ensure that to whom you are connected are they your future clients? Are they requiring your services? Your LinkedIn connections must be of a certain quality because these connections will only help you to generate quality leads for your business. As the much higher quality of connections you will add in your profile in the same way quality leads you are going to generate in LinkedIn. Relevant connections are the best source of lead generation in LinkedIn So start getting leads from relevant connections.

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